BusyBodies Health uses a unique combination of industry knowledge and human resources expertise to provide professional development training to other Healthcare Professionals, informative workshops to corporate clients, and hands-on training for individual clients.

Healthcare Practitioner Workshops

Fearless Networking for Healthcare Professionals

Imagine walking in to a room full of potential clients, or future business partners. You know there is a reat opportunity there to build your business yet you stand there at a loss for words, worried about what others are thinking? Sound familiar? You are not alone. This workshop will provide you with the tools you need to take that next step, build your confidence, and step into a world of endless opportunity.

One-on-one coaching is available upon request.



Sell Yourself: Resume & Interviewing Skills

Whether you are starting your own business, or applying for a new job, whether you changing careers, or a recent graduate, your resume is your key to every new opportunity. Your job interview is your chance to shine. You only get one shot to make a first impression. Make it count. Participants will leave this workshop with a personalized resume template, and practical skills in mastering the job interview.

One-on-one coaching is available upon request.



Research Literacy

Basic Research Literacy for Massage Therapists

This is the Research Literacy course you have been waiting for. Get ready to roll up your sleeves. This interactive workshop will get you engaged in discussion and actively involved in applying research methods to your practice. Customized specifically for massage therapists, this course will teach you how becoming research literate can help your grow your business, build your credibility, and give you confidence to explore new areas of massage that you never even new existed.



Corporate Workshops

Nutrition: Facts, Fiction and All You Really Need To Know

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the “nutrition” information in the news and popular media. It can be hard to decide what you should actually eat every day! This entertaining, interactive presentation will help you make sense of it all. You’ll learn why some of the most popular “nutrition” claims are nothing more than fiction, and you’ll see how eating well is simpler than you think! Participants will leave feeling inspired, with practical tips and simple changes they can make right away.



Workplace Yoga: Bringing Clarity to Your Work Day

This workshop will teach employees how to seamlessly incorporate yoga into their daily rituals at work. By bringing awareness to the body with deep breathing, stretching, and balance exercises customized for the work environment, employees will feel renewed and ready to take on any challenge with a new sense of clarity and renewed energy.  


Workplace Stretching 101

Sitting in the same position for hours on the phone, writing reports, typing contracts…you get the idea right? This workshop will teach you how to stretch each of the muscles that you use the most without disrupting your work. A little goes a long way to prevent repetitive strain.  


Individual & Group Workshops

Couples Massage

The Power of Touch

Couples will learn how to give their partner a massage on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet. Partners will learn how to position themselves to receive a massage and how to protect their own body while giving a massage, so they can massage for longer periods of time. Couples will also learn techniques that can be used to minimize soreness following a massage.

Private sessions are available upon request.



Pregnancy Massage For Partners

This workshop will help partners take an active role in the pregnancy experience. During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many rapid changes often resulting in stress, anxiety, discomfort, or in some cases, pain. By learning specific massage techniques, and by learning about what not to do, participants will gain a sense of confidence to help the mother-to-be through this life-changing experience.

Private sessions are available upon request.